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Iconic poster designs inspired by the film and video game industry

by Martin Stewart on 02-Feb-2015 14:45:00

With video games being a great interest of mine, I thought it would be a good idea to post about some of my favourite fan created posters for games throughout the generations. These posters are both from the more seasoned veterans such as Olly Moss and some of the lesser-known artists from around the world.

Also featured are also some honourable movie posters that couldn’t go without a mention. This was originally going to be a top ten blog post, but with so many well designed posters, I couldn’t choose just 10. Without further ado, lets get started.

1. The Last of Us - Brandon Meier



Let’s start with some of my favourite games in the past few years, The Last Of Us; a game set in an apocalyptic world plagued by zombie-like humanoids who are infected and mutated by the Cordyceps fungus. The game has received critical acclaim for its writing, art direction, music, level design, sound design and voice acting; so it’s no surprise that it’s gained a large following.

The locales featured in the posters are from the many places main characters Joel and Ellie visit in their travels across America in the search for the elusive 'Fireflies,' who are working on a cure for the Cordyceps fungal infections.

These beautiful posters are from Brandon Meier, a graphic designer currently based in San Mateo, California. All the posters feature a considered colour palette, which complement the game perfectly.

2. Various - Ian Wilding 


Next up is Ian Wilding, a Digital Artist, who isn’t shy of merging video game references into lovely movie style posters. Three of these posters need no introduction, as they are based on games that are from long standing Nintendo franchises, Super Mario, Super Metroid and Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda poster cleverly features trees that create a gap in the shape of the iconic Master Sword, which the hero, Link (who is commonly mistaken as Zelda) is often seen wielding throughout the game and artwork.

The latter two are Portal and Shadow of the Colossus


Portal is a platform-puzzle game where the player is required to create portals to transport themselves and objects in order to solve a multitude of puzzles. The contraption featured in the poster for Portal is the gun used to create these portals and solve puzzles.

Shadow of the Colossus is an adventure game where the main character, Wander, must defeat the six colossi of the Forbidden Land. The poster features Wander atop one of these collosi, made to look like the mountains that they are.

3. Zelda - Marinko Milosevski

The next cleverly detailed Zelda poster featured is that of Marinko Milosevski.


The poster shows both the Protagonist, Link and the Antogonist, Gandorf, beautifully framed by the shape of the Ocarina of time, a musical instrument important to the plot of the game which features in the title.

4. Batman - Doaly Design Services

These next posters aren’t from the video game genre, but from The Batman Dark Knight movie trilogy, lovingly created by Doaly Design Services, these posters also stay true to the films.


All posters feature iconic scenes from each film, whilst making clever nods to other parts of the franchise (the batman symbol light shined above Gotham city, and his memorable Batsuit.

5. Batman - Nicolas Alejandro Barbera


Another beautiful Batman inspired poster is from Nicolas Alejandro Barbera, which features the cave that Bruce Wayne finds in Batman Begins; which Alejandro has shaped like a bat..

6. Various - Olly Moss

If we’re going to mention clever video game/ movie posters, we have to mention Olly Moss, an established artist well known within the design community for his work with Lucasfilm, Mondo, Sony, Studio Ghibli. Now working for video game developer, Campo Santa, Olly is currently working on their beautifully designed and much anticipated game, Firewatch.


Anyone familiar with the Star Wars franchise will immediately recognise all of the references from each film featured in the poster, which make up characters from the films (C3PO, Boba Fett and Darth Vader).

Another image that uses the shape of a character to form scenes from a film is his Jungle Book poster, where Shere Khan’s stripes are used to form the branches within the jungle where Mowgli finds himself being hypnotised by slithering snake, Kaa.


Another case where Olly manipulates shapes to create multi-faceted images is his Dirty Harry poster, where the absent space from the gun creates a silhouette of Harry’s face. 

This is quite a large list and there is so many I have missed off that I wish I could include, but there just isn’t the time. Hopefully I can include them in a future post for you all to enjoy.

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