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The essential A-Z guide to content marketing

by The Katapult team on 11-Jun-2015 15:30:00


Content marketing is one of the most effective methods of attracting and engaging your audience online. The value of content marketing cannot be underestimated: If executed correctly, creating and distributing consistent, valuable and relevant content for your audience can help you generate more leads at a lower cost.

Here’s our handy A-Z guide to help you navigate through the many do’s and don’ts of content marketing:

A is for Audience

It's difficult to create an effective strategy for content marketing if you don’t know who you’re aiming it at and what their needs are. You have to provide your audience with relevant content.

B is for Blog

Your blog gives you the opportunity to become an industry leader by posting articles that resonate with your audience. Share your wisdom and become the hub for knowledge in your industry. Posting regular content via a blog hosted on your website’s domain will help you improve organic search rankings for relevant keywords, helping you get found by new prospects online.

C is for Conversion

Content marketing must be tracked to show how your content is performing and which of your methods are the most effective, with the end goal of converting your website's visitors into customers.

D is for Design

A great design can make you stand out, amongst all the other images we are bombarded with on the web every day. Your design is just as important as your copy. It's also important to remember when using images to add alt-tags, as images rank on Google searches too!

E is for Engagement

It doesn’t matter how good your content is if no one is engaging with it. It isn’t about how many followers you have on social media, it’s about how many engage with you and your content.

F is for Funnel

Think about your end goal and nurture those visitors further down the sales funnel into customers with your compelling content.

G is for Google+

Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to optimise your content for search engines, use Google+.

H is for Headline

You have seconds to seize the attention of your audience, make sure each one counts. The recommended length for a headline 70 characters. Also, when using headers, use H1 and H2 tags to break up your content which is also more readable and better for SEO.

I is for Infographics

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text so it is no secret that visual content performs incredibly well, especially on social media.

J is for Jargon

Don’t confuse your reader, use plain English. Take some time to research the terminology your buyers are using and tailor your content to suit.

K is for Keywords

Create your content and optimise the post around a keyword you want to rank for. Make sure you research into what your buyers are searching for, check for keyword ranking opportunities - low competition, high monthly searches are better.

Using long tail keywords presents a great opportunity to rank for more specific terms, where regular shorter terms are more competitive and crowded. Take a look at our recent blog post for more advice on keywords. 

L is for Lead Generation

Turn your visitors into leads by encouraging them to perform an action, whether it be downloading an eBook or subscribing to your blog.

M is for Metrics

There isn’t any point in creating great content if you don’t know how effective it is – you need to know what is performing and engaging your audience and what is not.

N is for Nurture

Nurture your visitors and leads using relevant content provide them with the answers to their problems and the rest will follow.

O is for Optimisation

You have to ensure your great content can be read wherever people are, at work or on the go. The design should be responsive as most people consume content on mobile

P is for Personas

Buyer personas help you to understand your customers better so you will know what kind of content to create to address your customer’s needs or tap into their interests.

Q is for Questionnaires

Ideal for gathering data about your visitors – which you can then use to create tailored content!

R is for Recycle

It is okay to recycle your content, as long as it is still relevant to your audience. However make sure you repurpose the content as copy and pasting existing content is punished by search engines and could hurt your organic search rankings.

S is for Social Media

Use your social networks and spend time engaging with your customers, this will help to build trust and also provides platforms to share that great content you’ve been creating.

T is for Tone

Be consistent with tone - make sure if fits naturally with your brand and customers.

U is for User Experience

Content has to enhance the user experience, and has to be presented in the right way. Be engaging! No long paragraphs, break up content with headings, imagery, clear fonts, and use white space.

V is for Value

Create content that is valuable for your audience, focus on their wants and needs.

W is for Whitepapers

Writing a whitepaper is a great way of sharing your valuable expertise and can be tailored for a particular buyer persona.

X is for X-channel (Cross-channel)

You need to be where your customers are – you have more chance of doing this if you use more than one channel to promote your content.

Y is for YOU

You are the expert, you can create compelling content and you can boost your brand strength and reputation online.

Z is for ‘Zombie’ content

This is unimaginative content that is persistent and not engaging. Stay away from this.

Remember, content is never a standalone activity and should be used as part of an integrated and well planned digital marketing strategy. Download our eBook below to find out how to use your content more effectively to increase traffic, generate leads and drive sales:

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