The SaaS inbound marketing quiz: Can you score top marks?

by Robbie Jones on 27-Mar-2018 10:25:00

saas inbound marketing quiz

Whether you’re a SaaS company seeking monthly recurring revenue, an IT services or infrastructure provider looking to grow your client base, a re-seller who wants to grow their order value or B2B software developer targeting those big value contracts, digital marketing is the biggest enabler to reach your audience and grow your business.

The question is, are you focusing on the right things?

We’ve created an online quiz to assess your SaaS inbound marketing efforts, but here’s just a few questions to ask yourself before you delve into the quiz.

Are you doing the basics of blogging?

Blogging is an important tool in generating traffic, but also building a loyal community of potential customers. Are you:

  • Updating your blog regularly?
  • Offering email subscription options?
  • Sharing your blog posts on social media?

Is your social media on point?

Social media is your gateway to getting your followers to your website and keeping them engaged in what you have to offer. Are you making sure that:

  • Your LinkedIn page engagement is increasing?
  • You send out at least three tweets per day?
  • You listen and respond to mentions of your brands?

Does your SEO work for you?

Best practice SEO can deliver an abundance of engaged and genuine organic traffic. This all starts with keyword research and analysis of your website’s traffic. Are you:

  • Being found for branded keywords and phrases?
  • Implementing alt text on all images?
  • Confident all your pages have unique meta descriptions?

How’s your website in general?

Your website should act like a 24/7 sales representative for your business. It should be easy to use, accessible and fundamentally turn web visitors into customers. Is your website:

  • Responsive and look good on mobile and tablet devices?
  • Regularly reviewed and updated?
  • Using an open-sourced content management system?

To assess your strategy against inbound marketing best practice, take our free quiz here and see what score you get.

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