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New immersive video trends for 2016

by The Katapult team on 15-Jan-2016 11:41:12
immersive video trends for 2016
This year will be a key milestone as immersive video trends for 2016 take hold. The release of the much-hyped VR headsets Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR may reinvent our video viewing experience and expectations.
From a young age, I was fascinated by the idea of virtual reality, but it was always just a concept of science-fiction. Recent advancements, particularly in the gaming industry have been pushing the immersive experience to the level we have been waiting for.

With a 360 degree field of vision, the audience are put in the centre of the scene, with the ability to look in any direction. This immediately opens a new level of interaction between video and viewer, and this technology is not limited to VR headset consumers: Google has adopted this growing genre with the introduction of 360 viewing; a click and drag perspective tool for YouTube videos.

For animators and creatives, this opens a new platform for storytelling and interactivity. Viewers are no longer presented with a video to watch, but given the freedom to choose how they watch it. For example, you could take a ride on a roller coaster through this 360 animated video. Ride it forward, backwards or both.
(Supports Chrome only)
What excites me about this technology is it’s potential for replayability; what if we watched a clip ten times over and discovered something new each time? Aardman Animations have done just this with their latest animation ‘Special Delivery’. This 360 story follows Santa Clause on his Christmas Eve journey, but straying from the focal point can initiate new content. 
So how can these videos be created? 360-degree videos can be produced right from within After Effects using the plug-in ‘SkyBox Creator’ from Mettle. This script will automatically place a 6-view camera into your After Effects composition, to generate a 360 perspective of your scene. Take a look at our 360 Katapult video below. This is the first 360 experiment I have played with, but I look forward to getting creative with this great new platform!
For more 360 animations download the Google Spotlight Stories app for android and iOS.
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