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Hypnotic Writing: A Powerful Way To Seduce Customers With Words Alone...

by Allan Rafferty on 07-Aug-2017 10:30:00

Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce Customers With Words Alone...

By the time you finish reading this article, you will have learned the impact that well-written words can have on your business. Can you imagine how great life would be if everyone that read your blog couldn’t help but click the subscribe button? Wouldn’t that make you feel amazing? What if there was a technique that you could use to boost your writing ability and supersize your conversion rates?

I didn’t know it was possible until I read Joe Vitale’s book, Hypnotic Writing. The moment I put it down I felt ecstatic, I couldn’t wait to put his simple methods to the test. With his techniques in mind, I rushed to my computer to start writing this blog. My inspiration takes me here, to a blank page that I have rapidly started to fill with enticing ideas that I am confident, will change the way you think about copywriting.

Introducing Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale is best known for his appearance in the world famous movie, The Secret. He has written several books on the subject of marketing and, using his diverse set of skills, managed to transform his life, going from an impoverished position to owning everything that he has ever wanted.

His combination of hypnosis and marketing has helped him make millions and inspire thousands with his speeches, changing the way people write, including myself. I hope after reading this short article, you take something away from Joe’s methods too.

Hypnotic Writing

When most people think of hypnosis, they imagine the age old cliche of a man swinging a pendulum and sending his unexpecting victim to sleep. The irony here is that hypnotic writing is all about hooking our reader’s attention and leave them hanging on every word.

Thanks to the media, people often perceive the process of going into a trance as something exclusively obtained through hypnosis. They also believe it is a form of mind control, however this isn’t the case. It’s a fact that you cannot be hypnotized to do anything that you do not want to do, if you’re instinct tells you not to you simply won’t.

Our aim when using hypnotic writing isn’t to force the audience to do something against their will, it is to help them make the right decision. There is nothing unethical about putting people into a trance and it is important to know this because when someone reads your hypnotic blog, putting them into a trance is exactly what you are going to do.

You might not believe me, but you yourself have been in several trances throughout your lifetime. Shaking your head in disagreement? Well, consider this;

Have you ever been so absorbed watching TV that you lose track of time or driven from one place to another, forgetting the entire journey? Well, that is because you are in a trance. Whenever you struggle to put a book down you are in a trance or get lost in a daydream, you are in a trance.

This is a powerful process, because while you cannot force visitors to your website to click on the call to action, they will be more susceptible to do so, once having read the correct key words. When in a focused state, your prospects will be more open to suggestions and should they feel the need to do so they will follow the chosen path you’ve nudged them towards.

In the next two minutes, you are going to learn four of the most important techniques of hypnotic writing, you will know how they will benefit you and how to simply implement them into your own copy.

Pay close attention and write a great headline

It may seem obvious, but grabbing your reader’s attention from the get go is essential if you ever want them to click the subscribe button or any call-to-action of your choice. Without a hypnotic headline to draw them in, they won’t be reading full stop. To induce someone into a trance, one key method is to affect their way of thinking, this momentary feeling will catch them off guard and give them the itch to click.

Which of the following headlines about digital marketing would you prefer to read?

  1. Get Better Conversion Rates.
  2. Incredible New Method Increases Conversion Rates.

Notice how the second one grabs you and moves you in some way. Is your curiosity peaked? Do you want to know what is so incredible about this new method? A hypnotic headline often forces your attention using words like ‘guaranteed’, ‘revealing’, ‘powerful’, ‘phenomenal’ and ‘fantastic’. These positive vibes entice clicks.

Make them see the future

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying ‘I haven’t got a time machine,’ but I’m not proposing you take out the keys to the DeLorean. Instead, give your readers an idea as to how their future may be affected if they chose to subscribe to the blog or download your content offer.

Note: this technique is best applied in the consideration or decision stage of the buyer’s journey and should NOT be used in the awareness stage.

In the following example, let’s say that my aim is to get you to subscribe to the Katapult blog. How would I make you see what your future would be like if you did so? Maybe, by writing a sentence that would read something like this...

“Just imagine boosting your understanding of marketing through reading regular free articles which are jam packed with knowledge. When you choose to subscribe to the Katapult blog, you choose to expand on your learning and become an incredible marketer.”

You see what I did there? I gave you a picture of the future, highlighting the key advantages and giving a clear reason as to why you should subscribe to our blog. Using this technique will peak interest and give readers an incentive to subscribe.

Covert hypnosis

Are you beginning to see how powerful hypnotic writing can be? In the example above, I bet you didn’t spot the other technique that I used to insist you subscribe to the blog.

That’s because it was a subliminal message, a hidden suggestion speaking directly to your subconscious mind. When you are in a trance, your subconscious picks up on things that your conscious mind may not register.

Using an above example again, remember the last time you were driving a car and you forgot the journey, but somehow your mind registered everything that was going on in front of you. That is because the subconscious had taken over while your conscious relaxed and daydreamed.

So what did I do in the above example? Well look here and I’ll show you:

“Just imagine boosting your understanding of marketing through reading regular free articles which are jam packed with knowledge. When you choose to subscribe to the Katapult blog, you choose to expand on your learning and become an incredible marketer.”

There it is, revealed by the bold font; a message to your subconscious mind. By hiding it within seemingly natural flowing text. The impact of this technique is phenomenal and the fact that it is so simple to pull off is amazing!

Spellbinding senses

Engaging the senses can be very powerful in any type of writing and copywriting is no different. By adding certain images in your reader’s mind, you can help them to experience feelings which make them understand why your call-to-action/business/message is important.

Taking the Katapult blog subscription as an example, here are three ways that I could use the senses to tempt you to click the subscribe button.

  • Visual - “Glowing words light up the page, your eyes are glued to the screen as your mind begins to absorb all of the knowledge that the Katapult blog gives. Your brain begins to expand and your marketing skills blossom like flowers in the spring.”
  • Auditory - “It rings true that a free blog packed with information isn’t one that you want to miss out on.”
  • Kinesthetic - “Toss this idea around; giving away free education is like giving away gold. Silky smooth words make for good copy.”

When creating content for your buyer personas, consider this; what type of sense would they react best to? Write in that style and you are sure to captivate their imagination.

The caveat

Hypnotic writing is just one method of writing really good content for your buyer personas, in your attempts to generate more leads and business enquiries as a result. Here at Katapult, we’re also of the mindset that being authentic with your potential customers, is the best way forward.

Hypnotic writing isn’t about deceiving your website visitors and readers of your printed collateral, it’s about encouraging them to make the right decision for themselves, and you too.

You’re now left with a choice; will you subscribe to the Katapult blog now or check out our other articles and subscribe later? Whatever your decision, happy writing!


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