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Creating self-promotion with a unique beer bottle packaging design

by Martin Enright on 09-May-2017 09:00:00

Creating self-promotion with a unique beer bottle packaging design

Here at Katapult, we know how to have a good time and as we look forward to summer, long days and a good pint or two, the idea came to us… why don’t we create our own beer!

Not only would it aid relaxation after a busy day in the studio, but a beer to share with others… our clients and those who may not have been familiar with us before. A far better self-promotional piece than any flyer or leaflet, seen for only seconds on it’s way to the recycle bin.

With limited experience in the creation of beer (we’re a marketing agency after all) and considering managerial concerns that we might actually blow up the building should we convert the cellar into a micro-brewery, we decided to look for help.

And we didn’t have to look far… our friends at Derby Brewing Company, who have solved our thirst-based needs for many years, agreed to produce our very own ale.

The design

The initial design of a beer bottle label packaging design

While the beer was bubbling away at Derby Brewing Company HQ, we started to look at the bottle packaging design. We knew we wanted to create an eye-catching label that exhibited a sense of heritage and looked in keeping with other established beer brands - while incorporating some of our marketing strategies, enabling our messages to be consumed along with the bottle’s content.

We started sketching...

Beer bottle label packaging design sketches

The typography

The typography of our beer bottle packaging design

Many sketches later, a final option was decided upon. We jumped on to the Mac and then we began converting the sketch into print-ready artwork - starting with the main typography which is a development of the custom lettering used for the Katapult logo.

We then drew an ark to give the name more of a hand-written feel, the guide angles were important so as to give consistent weighting across the letterforms.

The base

The base of the art deco packaging design for the beer bottle

Once all the typography had been drawn and set, it was time to consider the base on which the text would sit. A variety of options were considered though eventually the ‘burst’ device was selected, with an Art Deco feel it provides a suitable level of heritage. Other embellishments were included to help bring the design to life and give a premium look. 

 The finished design

The Katapult beer bottle packaging design

All that work culminated in the finished design below. But before we sent off the design to print, we thought we’d just make sure the colours were right, in case we decided to make a series of beers one day!


The full suite of our beer bottle packaging design

The artworking

Artworking a beer bottle label design

With a finalised design and confirmed colour-way, it was time for artworking the label to sit on the bottle. The labels were printed digitally onto silver foil with five colours…Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (Black) and White.

Simply printing CMYK onto the silver labels would result in a ‘greying’ and desaturation of the colours, definitely not the premium effect we were looking for. The solution was to separate the artwork to enable a printed layer of white behind any coloured area, leaving the shiny metallic foil to show through in the remainder or the design.

The end result

The Katapult beer, called Inbound

The end result has provided many of our prospective and existing clients with equal measures of refreshment and knowledge about our marketing methodology. To see whether we can be your next packaging design agency, get in touch with us today.

We'll have a beer ready and waiting for you!

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Martin is the creative director at Katapult. Specialising in design, typography, illustration and art direction - with a keen eye for detail, Martin is a flag bearer for the highest creative standards. Experienced in creating fascinating & eye catching brands that create value beyond expectations.

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