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    5 examples of SaaS content marketing done right

    It surprised me recently to learn that 11% of the world’s biggest SaaS companies don’t have a blog.

    This feels like a given, surely, for SaaS companies to stand out in a young and seriously competitive market.

    But SaaS companies who aren’t paying attention to this all-important marketing channel, and more importantly, doing it properly, are missing a trick to reach their audience and sell more software in the process.

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    Announcement: Our Helping Hands Project Charity Partner for 2018...

    A gift is not just for Christmas...

    Over the Christmas period we ran a search to find our Helping Hands Project partner for 2018. We had so many extraordinary charities put forward, and it was incredibly difficult to come to a decision. We went through a voting process based on set criteria and values fit. 

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    (KATAPULT) Experiences over things: How the millennial mindset is boosting the leisure industry

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    [NEW GUIDE] Best practice branding for SMEs in 2018

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    Naming a brand: Can it be easy?

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    Introducing the brand building roadmap methodology from Katapult

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    5 New Year's resolutions to help your brand performance boom in 2018

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    The importance of building brand awareness through digital marketing (and how to do it well)

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    Print isn’t dead... long live the publishing industry

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