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"Has anyone got a spare pair of trousers?"...Company wide emails in pictures

Posted by Martin Broadhurst

02-Jul-2013 13:31:00

Offices can be bizarre places at times. From ridiculous passive aggressive notices to the water cooler gossip, the office provides an endless stream of material for astute observational comedians or comic strip writers (I'm looking at you, Scott Adams).

A new source of office based mirth comes from the All Staff, All Day Tumblr which sets real company wide emails against an image. You can see some of the best posts below.

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Written by Martin Broadhurst

Certified by market leading inbound marketing software provider HubSpot, Martin leads Katapult's inbound team in the development and ongoing management of campaigns. With extensive experience across every aspect of digital marketing, Martin is well versed in working closely with clients to generate leads and drive new business.

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