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The power of social proof, and how you can embrace it

Posted by Natasha Cartwright

16-Sep-2014 17:30:00

Let's start off by using our imagination. Let's imagine you're looking to get a brand new bathroom fitted this autumn, to prepare you for the cold winter nights.

You're looking online for the best local plumber in your area, and you notice that the prices are pretty much the same across the board. You whittle it down to just two plumbers, lets call them Bob and Jim. 

Bob and Jim's website's are pretty similar; they've both got established qualifications, they both have been plumbing for over 10 years, and they both claim to provide the most excellent service in your area.

The only difference is, Bob's website features testimonials from real people, talking about how great he is. Instantly, this makes you trust Bob that little bit more than Jim.

But why? 

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The power of visual communication [infographic]

Posted by Natasha Cartwright

15-Sep-2014 15:00:00

The phrase 'a picture is worth a thousand words' has never been more true than it is now. As we submerge ourselves into the digital age, our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. We are constantly in the search for new information and we don't want to have to invest too much time into finding it out.

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Rand's guide to amplifying your content, the organic way

Posted by Natasha Cartwright

12-Sep-2014 17:00:00

SEO is somewhat of a dark art and a mystery to many businesses trying to conquer it. There is plenty of advice online, and it sounds really convincing when you read blogs posted by well-established brands telling you just how well the white hat tactics work.

But for a niche business that hasn't built up an online authority and catalogue of backlinks, it's not an easy task to get your content discovered. Many marketers are stuck in a vicious circle with the idea that if nobody can find their content, then how can they gain links and if they don't gain links, how will their ranking improve?
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Saying goodbye to the pioneering BBC Three channel

Posted by Robbie Jones

11-Sep-2014 13:00:00

"Drama is one of the essences of the BBC" the Director Journal splurged in a desperate attempt to build a case for his convictions, and boy, wasn't he right.

Tony Hall announced in February 2014 that the popular BBC Three would no longer be a channel available on our televisions.

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Katapult Krunch: The Apple Watch and Iphone 6 event special

Posted by Natasha Cartwright

10-Sep-2014 17:00:00

The Katapult Krunch is a weekly feature designed to keep you in the loop of the latest digital developments. This week we're giving you a summary of the products launched at yesterday's Apple Watch and iPhone 6 event 

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