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Four top tips on using social media to find new leads

Posted by Natasha Cartwright

18 Apr 2014 14:00:00


If used in the right way, social media can be one of your most powerful tools to grow your business. 

The average internet user spends four times more of their time on social media than Google. Social media isn't just for socialising with friends or uploading pictures of what you ate for lunch. Social media is more than just a trend. 

Generating good quality leads through social media, like most other social media marketing goals, doesn't happen over night. Here are four tips to help get the ball rolling.

Know your audience

Who is your audience? By taking the time to find out who your audience are and what they're interested in, you're more likely to reach the demographic you're targeting and increasing your chance of finding new leads.

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How to deliver ZERO marketing ROI in five easy steps

Posted by Martin Broadhurst

17 Apr 2014 16:30:00

Remember the good old of days of digital marketing when the most in-depth report required of your online marketing activity was "how many hits have we had on our website?" It was all so much easier back then before we had big data, Google analytics, closed-loop reporting and HubSpot. This blog is a five step guide for getting back to those halcyon days and ensuring you don't get caught up in chasing marketing return-on-investment.

Focus on your product, not customer solutions

When people have a problem that they need to solve, they go online knowing the solution already, right? Exactly. So don't bother wasting your time writing useful articles detailing how to solve their problem, write articles about how brilliant your products are instead.

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How to grow your email subscription database – the good way

Posted by Robbie Jones

16 Apr 2014 14:06:00

Who you send your email to is more important than what you send. It doesn’t matter if your list is 1,000 or 100,000; your email marketing is only as good as the quality of your recipient list.

The reality is that we live in a world where people change jobs, get married and change names, and where companies go out of business, merge and relocate.

That means that lists have a natural decay. On average, marketing lists have a tendency to expire at a rate of 25% a year. So if you aren’t cleaning your list and pursuing new prospects to join your lists, the chances are the effectiveness of your email marketing will only decline.

With that in mind, here’s our 5 tips to grow your email subscription database, the good way:

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Five ways to convice your CEO to take B2B social media marketing seriously

Posted by Martin Broadhurst

15 Apr 2014 12:30:00

C'mon, guys! Does anyone really still think that Twitter is just a place where people share inane updates about what they're having for breakfast?

Apparently, yes, they do. I was talking to a prospective client recently who dismissed social media as a place for selfies, food porn and millenial's narcissism. I was gobsmacked. Just a a few weeks before I had demonstrated to one client how social media had delivered new leads with an estimated pipeline value in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. There wasn't a selfie in sight.

I realised then that there is still a huge education piece to be done around social media for B2B companies, especially in the medium-large sized companies. Small B2B companies get; I see it everyday on Twitter as they talk, interact and network effectively with each other. The enterprise level companies are switched onto it too; you just need to look at the likes of Salesforce to see it in action. It's the middle ground which is still currently lagging. We can change by following these simple steps.

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The inevitable "best Twitter reactions post" following US Airways very #NSFW tweet

Posted by Martin Broadhurst

14 Apr 2014 22:29:00

I wouldn't want to be in the press office at US Airways this evening.

In case you haven't heard, the US Airways official Twitter account tweeted a response to a customer that contained a very 'not safe for work' image.

As is de rigeur during a corporate social media #FAIL of epic proportions, we have been treated to a great deal of funny tweets about the incident. Here are some of the best.

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