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5 Digital innovation and user experience insights

Posted by Phil Higgins

23-Jan-2015 15:20:23

Following the news from Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system launch yesterday there was another interesting announcement which accompanied it; The launch of the Microsoft HoloLens - a wearable augmented reality device.

With that in mind, here's 5 of the best digital innovations announced over the past couple of weeks. All of which bring a new level of interactivity to user experience through augmented reality technology and techniques.

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Topics: Leisure and Entertainment

Digital marketing for engineering firms: Nail your strategy in 5 steps

Posted by Robbie Jones

23-Jan-2015 10:30:00

Digital marketing can become a burden for engineering firms.

Too busy fulfilling current orders, or trying to keep current customers happy, means that any kind of marketing is left at the bottom of your ‘in tray’ for a rainy day.

The fact is this – we know that digital marketing works for engineering firms and it can help you achieve new business. Just take a look at our case studies to see why.

Combined with the general assumption that the engineering industry is slow at taking up new marketing methods, means your business can genuinely make a sizeable impact just by taking digital marketing seriously.

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Topics: website design, social media, manufacturing and engineering, content marketing

Being Playful: Highlights from the Playful 2014 conference

Posted by Martin Enright

22-Jan-2015 15:57:03

At Katapult we strongly believe in the concept of ’play’. Time spent pursuing personal projects not only rests the mind but facilitates experimentation and creative development. New thinking and the advancement in skills can then be applied to client activity.

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Topics: Design

A 3D World: Exploring new technology and trends

Posted by Phil Higgins

22-Jan-2015 11:48:00

3D has always interested me.  From gazing through my 'View Master' at old Disney classic scenes as a child, to staring for hours at Athena 'Magic Eye' posters, desperate to see something jump out at me.  Hearing that movies were launching 3d versions such as Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare was mind blowing at the time

Unfortunately, the results have always been a far stretch from what I imagined, either resulting in poor 3D effects or simply just not working. 

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Topics: Motion Graphics

Increasingly popular digital marketing requests from marketing managers: 2015 edition

Posted by Martin Broadhurst

20-Jan-2015 11:33:47

The most common request we were hearing from marketing managers in 2011 was the need to get “engagement” on social media. In 2012 we were being asked to demonstrate the ROI of social media from these same marketing managers. 2013 was the year that SMEs started to take mobile seriously and 2014 was the coming of age year for content marketers, at least if the requests we received from clients was anything to go by.

This article follows some of the trends in new business enquiries we are receiving at Katapult:

Marketing automation

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Topics: inbound marketing

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