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Super-Speedy Digital Marketing Assessor: How do you rank?

Posted by Robbie Jones

16-Apr-2015 10:47:00

Can't it be really frustrating when you put so much time into your digital marketing efforts, only to realise it is not bringing in the new business leads you require?

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Topics: digital marketing, inbound marketing

Katapult Krunch: Coca Cola's Journey platform, Pinterest's pin and Facebook launch

Posted by Andrew Jeffery

15-Apr-2015 14:37:21

The Katapult Krunch is a weekly feature designed to keep you in the loop on the latest digital developments. This week, Pinterest introduces its new ‘Pin It’ button, Coca-Cola scraps its UK website and Facebook launches its standalone messaging app for the web.

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Topics: Krunch

The DIY guide to on-page website optimisation

Posted by Natasha Cartwright

14-Apr-2015 11:40:43

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Graphic design tips: How to draw characters

Posted by Dan Lewis

13-Apr-2015 10:44:00

It’s probably worth starting this blog off by saying I’m not the best artist or character designer. But, as a designer with 10 years experience I am still amazed that there are Graphic Designers out there with little or no drawing skills.

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Topics: Design

A day in the life of a Client Services Manager at Katapult

Posted by Cheryl Brown

10-Apr-2015 14:16:34

All I can say is that no two days are ever the same and that’s what I like best about my job. I’m an organised person, a planner. I guess you’d think that when things don’t go to plan it would put me out of sorts, but in my job things are constantly changing so it's just normal!

It’s all part of what makes me tick, like a continuous puzzle, what should I prioritise next? Who can I delegate this to? How am I going to solve this? These are the questions that run through my mind all the time, and I love finding the answers!

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Topics: Leisure and Entertainment

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