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Four tips to revitalise your exhibition and trade show marketing tactics

Posted by Rhiannon Hulse

29-Aug-2014 14:00:00

With the Autumn/Winter trade show season about to start, I imagine many marketers are putting the finishing touches to their exhibition stands and sending out some final emails prior to their events. But, it's not too late to look at ways to adapt and improve on your events marketing strategy.

With trade shows being one of the most expensive and resource intensive parts of any marketer's budget - consuming an average 20% of a business's annual marketing spend - demonstrating a return on event marketing investment should be a priority. After all, if you're not able to prove an event was worth the cost and time resource spent on it, should you be doing it at all? 

The exhibition or trade show is still part of many B2B marketers’ annual strategy, and whilst we talk a lot on our blog about inbound marketing, there is no reason why the offline event can’t still have a place in the marketing mix – if you take an inbound approach. As with online inbound marketing activities, the approach at events should be focussed on drawing the right people in, rather than forcibly trying to get your message heard by as many people as possible.

This post is aimed at those who are running their own events, speaking at industry related events and those exhibiting at trade shows.

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Six cool brands that owned the ice bucket challenge

Posted by Natasha Cartwright

28-Aug-2014 13:00:00

It's the only thing you see when scrolling down your news feed, your friends, colleagues and even your favourite celebrities are all at it and you know that very soon, it will be happening to you.

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Topics: socialmedia

Katapult Krunch: Snapchat's $10bn valuation, Instagram's Hyperlapse and Dropbox's big changes

Posted by Natasha Cartwright

27-Aug-2014 16:30:00

The Katapult Krunch is a weekly feature designed to keep you in the loop of the latest digital developments. This week, Snapchat is rumoured to have been valued at $10billion, Instagram's Hyperlapse is a standalone app you actually want to use and Dropbox makes big changes.

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Glossary of the essential SEO terms all marketers should know about

Posted by Natasha Cartwright

26-Aug-2014 17:24:46

A website that is fully optimised for search, is essential for any business to succeed. But, for someone unfamiliar with search engine optimisation, the complicated jargon can be very confusing. 

We wanted to show you that these technical sounding words aren't as scary as they sound, and shouldn't put you off optimising your site to be the powerful marketing tool it has the potential to be. 

So here is a list of the 30 most basic yet essential search engine optimisation terms that will help you when embarking on your SEO adventure. 

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Five best practices to increase the ROI of your inbound marketing campaigns

Posted by Rhiannon Hulse

22-Aug-2014 15:00:00

Traditional marketing campaigns are becoming a thing of the past. We are now able to reach out to our audience via channels such as blogging, social media, email and pay per clicks; with access to in-depth analytics tools it is getting easier for businesses to roll out and analyse their campaigns as they go. 

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