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Katapult Krunch: Facebook Atlas, UK Instagram adverts and Starbucks' new global brand campaign

Posted by Emma Jones

01-Oct-2014 10:13:00

The Katapult Krunch is a weekly feature designed to keep you in the loop of the latest digital developments. This week we look at Facebook’s Atlas ad platform, Instagram advertising and Starbucks’ new global brand campaign.

Facebook Atlas paves the way forward for 'people based' advertising

Monday's launch of Advertising Week saw the relaunch of Facebook's totally revamped ad serving and measurement platform, Atlas, focused on delivering targeted advertising to individual users.

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What does your brand logo say about you?

Posted by Natasha Cartwright

30-Sep-2014 10:30:00

When establishing the look and feel of your brand's logo, there are a lot of things to consider. Choosing the right colour can be critical in portraying the right kind of message from your brand. 

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Four reasons why a company blog is relevant for EVERY manufacturing business

Posted by Natasha Cartwright

29-Sep-2014 16:49:00

To blog, or not to blog? That really shouldn't be the question anymore. 

Research has shown that businesses who blog just twice a week generate 70% more leads than those who don't blog at all. But, across the manufacturing industry, it seems that many businesses are still not taking blogging seriously.

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The dramatic surge of the Ryder Cup brand

Posted by Robbie Jones

26-Sep-2014 12:37:00

Who would have thought in 1921 that tickets to see the Ryder Cup would cost 4 times more than the actual trophy?

Samuel Ryder, an English entrepreneur who made his money selling packets of seeds, initially came up with the idea of the competition in a bar, and bought the famous trophy with the small golfing figure on top for £250.

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Five tips for using hashtags, the right way

Posted by Natasha Cartwright

25-Sep-2014 15:30:00

Twitter introduced the hyperlinked hashtag's that we see today in 2009. This cultural phenomenon was initially introduced to to make it easier for Twitter users to track and follow conversations. But now, hashtags have been integrated across almost every popular social network and have become a part of day to day online conversation. 

A recent study revealed that 43% of respondents think hashtags are useful and 34% use them to search/follow categories and brands of personal interest. Hashtags have become an integral part of delivering successful marketing campaigns, and can be a great way to promote new products, events or services

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